SARDisms 06 - Marcus Baw

In this episode, we get a chance to speak with Marcus Baw - a man of many talents including being a GP, Physician and coder. Marcus believes in a world of open source healthcare and is trying to tackle that need one step at a time. Kevin Monk, Managing Director at SARD, and Marcus are incredibly passionate about the world of tech in partnership with healthcare, sharing similar ideologies and hopes for the future of health.


Marcus describes himself as UK NHS General Hacktitioner, locum GP and Emergency Physician. He is also Chair of the RCGP Health Informatics Group. Over the years, he’s taken an interest in coding and has built up a fairly unusual portfolio career as a doctor/developer hybrid.
Marcus is a big advocate of open-source and is on a mission to improve the NHS through the power of tech.

Episode summary

In this episode, we get a chance to speak with Marcus about his passion for harnessing tech to improve the NHS. He has a shared mission with SARD’s MD Kevin Monk which is to increase the use of good open-source platforms within healthcare.
He also shares his thoughts on ‘why meetings must die’ and recommends his favourite brand of fingerless gloves! SARDisms 06 - Marcus Baw - SARD JV Limited

Some notes from today

  • Open Source is the Only Way for Medicine: blog
  • “The API Presentation” that mentions Uber: video slides
  • Ussen Half Finger Baltic Gloves £7: link

Ideas to talk about

  • interop and APIs
  • ‘ATLS’ interop course
  • NHS Hack Day
  • Failures like NHSbuntu and openGPSOC (with Rob Dyke)
  • Discourse, forums, and health tech
  • ‘Meetings Must Die’
  • Buying Capability Not Products
  • GDS Service Manual & NHS equivalent (maybe get Hadley Beeman on? She’s a good friend)

‘Digital Academy’ ideas

  • How APIs Work
  • Crypto
  • How Passwords Work
  • How Servers Work (also Client-Server interactions and SPAs/mobile)