OpenUK's 2023 New Year's Honours List - OpenUK

OpenUK’s 2023 New Year’s Honours List

OpenUK is pleased to share its third New Year’s Honours List for 2023, celebrating the “Social Influencers of Open Source” in the UK.

OpenUK has partnered with Onalytica to use their algorithm technology to identify the 100 top UK open source influencers and is now honouring them as part of our 2023 New Year’sHonour List.

The New Year’s Honours list is a British tradition, marking the achievement of extraordinary people in the UK. As OpenUK celebrates its third such list King Charles III celebrates his first. The Honours system is designed to recognise contribution, achievement and service.

We congratulate all indiviudals who are honoured on the 2023 list OpenUK's 2023 New Year's Honours List - OpenUK