Instructable: Simple Self-filter Mash Tun for All-grain Beer

We all like beer :slight_smile: and home brewed all-grain beer is even better. You get to have control over your ingredients, try out new recipes, and share great beer with your friends. Homebrewing is getting more and more popular.

When I started homebrewing I found that filtering the spent grains and the spent hops out of the brew was difficult and messy - I initially used a muslin! - and so a trawl of the internet started, looking for better ways of doing the filtration.

I came across this suggestion of using the steel braid outer from flexible plumbing pipe, and have been using this method for several years.

The stainless braid has thousands of tiny holes, so it acts like a filter. When attached to the inside of a tap, you just open the tap and out comes your filtered wort. It works well for filtering out both the spent grains and spent hops too. Having the filter built into the equipment like this saves SO MUCH time and mess it’s unreal. Don’t do all grain brewing without a self-filtering system.

I’d meant to do an Instructable showing how to make this cheap self-filtering brew vessel ages ago, but hadn’t got around to it. Recently a part broke so I had to do a minor rebuild, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to take some photos and do that Instructable.

(Due Credit should of course go to whoever it was, on some Brewing forum somewhere, that suggested the idea of using the stainless braid in the first place)