Instructable: Hack a Weber Rapidfire® Into an Awesome Woodstove®

There are loads of Instructables about making small portable wood stoves. I’ve made a number of these stoves over the years, hacked out of tin cans and other bits of scrap.

When I saw the Weber Rapidfire in my local hardware store, it’s reasonably priced (£20 in B&Q) and looked like it was ready made for hacking into a really nice woodstove, plus it’s quite well built so should last a bit longer than the average old tin can.

UPDATE 30/08/2014:

I have now created a (slightly improved) AutoCAD compatible DWG file of this Instructable, suitable for laser cutting services. It’s attached to this page with the filename ‘weber.dwg’. Please feel free to download, share and improve this file & of course have pan rests made using your local laser cutting service.