Health Informatics CV

Building on a wide range of clinical experience in settings as diverse as Intensive Care and Prison General Practice, I have deep technical and organisational knowledge that I use to assist the development of patient-enabling, robust, clinically safe, real-world tech that can is acceptable to clinical professionals.

Current Roles

Technologies I have experience of

  • NHS Spine Services including GP Connect, e-Referral Service (e-RS), e-Prescription Service (EPS)

  • ‘Ripple Stack’ (openEHR / QEWD.js / EtherCIS / Pulsetile UI)

  • SNOMED-CT clinical terminology and its predecessors CTV3 and ReadV2, as well as other coding schemes used internationally eg ICD-10

  • FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource)

  • openEHR as a standard, and also experience data modelling using this technology, and working with concrete implementations such as EtherCIS and EhrBase.

  • Opal healthcare application framework

  • OpenEyes open source ophthalmology system

  • HL7v2, EDIFACT and similar widely-used but legacy technologies.

Projects by Year





  • Developed the Clinical Software Usability Survey question framework, an open source and community-owned series of benchmarking questions for clinical usability of systems.
  • Chair of the NHS WiFi Programme Advisory Board
  • Team Clinician in the NHS.UK Alpha and Beta projects
  • Discourse Wrangler for
  • Founder - NHoS National Health Operating System (formerly NHSbuntu) - note that this website had to be taken down because of an allegation of brand identity infringement by the UK’s Department Of Health. Further information is available here



  • Founded Leigh Hackspace
  • 2nd Annual NHS Staff WiFi Survey (with Digital Health Intelligence)


  • 1st NHS Staff WiFi Survey conducted
  • Joined RCGP Health Informatics Group as an ordinary member
  • Joined British Computer Society Primary Health Care Specialist Group (BCS PHCSG)


  • NHS Hack Day Liverpool