Guitarist on 'The South' on Harrison Rimmer's debut album 'Larkholme'

The debut album of Harrison Rimmer “Larkholme”,

Recorded by Grant Henderson at Loom Studio
Mastered by Masterpiece Masters.
Artwork by : Charlotte Daw & Evercloud Design

CD Pressed By: Disc Wizards

Band On This Record:

Guitar & Vocals: Harrison Rimmer
Bass: Ben Styles
Drums: Rob Sullivan & Buddy Neuman
Harmonica: Vinnie Whitehead
Backing Vocals: Grant Henderson
Cello: Joscha David Mohs
Piano: Link Lewis
Brass: Richard Kerry, Tim Burrell & Ben Tomlinson from The Platitudes
Guitar On “The South” by Marcus Baw

Music & Lyrics by Harrison Rimmer Larkholme | Harrison Rimmer