#060 Open Source is the Future of Medicine — Dr Marcus Baw (Big Picture Medicine podcast)

Secrets, in Medicine, are a crime against humanity.

Dr Marcus Baw holds an unusual career as a GP, Emergency Physician and health hacker.

He makes a controversial claim: That we have an ethical duty to openly share our technological innovation — and anything short of this is a crime against humanity.

Links from Marcus

Digital Health Networks (CCIOs, CIOs, CSOs, Caldicott Guardians, Clinicians Who Code and more) discourse.digitalhealth.net

Open Health Hub - completely open discussion of all things open sourcey in healthcare https://openhealthhub.org/

My OSITOWFM blog Open source is the only way for Medicine | by Marcus Baw | Medium

“Royal Colleges 3.0” Royal Colleges 3.0: ‘Best Practice As Code’ | by Marcus Baw | Medium

Faculty of Clinical Informatics https://facultyofclinicalinformatics.org.uk/

RCGP Health Informatics Group (for GPs who are RCGP members only) - GP IT specialism https://hig.primary-care.org.uk

Chamberlen Forceps Obstetrical forceps - Wikipedia

Me on Twitter https://twitter.com/marcus_baw

Marcus’s Website: https://pacharanero.github.io

Archive.org: ‎Big Picture Medicine: #060 Open Source is the Future of Medicine — Dr Marcus Baw on Apple Podcasts