Update on Informatics in the nMRCGP Curriculum

Marcus Baw
RCGP Health Informatics Group

nMRCGP Curriculum Update

Plan to redevelop RCGP curriculum was announced in 2013

HIG asked RCGP Curriculum team if we could be involved in revising Informatics content

liaised with RCGP curriculum committee

collaboratively developed a "Wish List of Informatics Training" (via open Google Document) with BCS, RCGP, and others

looked for examples of Informatics curricula elsewhere (eg AHIMA)

The Case for Improvement

Data Quality

trainees need to be taught good practice in data quality

currently informatics not assessed in any but the most informal way

secondary uses (whether or not we agree with them) rely on the data quality

poor data quality impairs clinical safety

What's against us?

Training time available

Other Issues


The GMC approved the new curriculum for implementation from August 2015

Core Competence: Make effective use of information management and communication systems As a GP, this means you should: Use records and informatics systems effectively for the full range of activities required in your role, including (but not limited to): Obtaining clinical and biographical information about patients Recording patient findings and management plans Ordering investigations and interpreting results Prescribing, monitoring and reviewing medicines Referring patients or seeking advice Managing administrative work Communicating with patients and colleagues Monitoring and managing safety risks Searching for evidence and guidance Recording learning activities and personal development plans Develop techniques that enable you to use electronic patient records and other online information systems during a consultation to enhance communication with the patient Routinely record and appropriately code each clinical contact in a timely manner and follow the record-keeping and data governance requirements of your organisation Produce records that are sufficiently coherent, comprehensive and comprehensible, appropriately and securely sharing these with others who need legitimate access to them Contribute to improvements in the quality of the medical record (e.g. through development of templates) Make effective use of the tools and systems that enable evaluation and improvement of your personal performance (e.g. through use of reflective portfolios, patient satisfaction surveys, multi-source feedback, significant event audits and other quality improvement tools) Adopt the appropriate use of new communication technologies, such as social media and online access to information, to improve the accessibility and quality of services and to enhance health literacy amongst the public

Informatics Sketch Curriculum

from googledoc collaborative work http://bit.ly/1ubnNJi

how to do what we already do, better

  • clinical coding
  • information governance
  • Personal and patient digital security
  • data quality
  • How to consult with a computer in the room
  • System-Specific Training
  • structured records
  • Social Media
  • QOF
  • Decision Support

what's happening to health IT that GPs need be aware of

  • patient online access
  • record sharing and locality health records
  • Apps
  • Secondary Use Data
  • Political aspects of GP IT

Suggestions for those GP trainees with Informatics interest

GMC view

"We cannot allow four year training without the commitment that it will be adequately resourced"

RCGP view

"Four year training is essential to ensure GPs of the future have the right skill set"

Informatics Community's view

"Can't we just fix the Informatics content of the three year curriculum?"


GoogleDoc "Wish List of GP Informatics Training" (WIP) http://bit.ly/1ubnNJi

opengpsoc (CIC) open source NHS IT agitators www.opengpsoc.org

AHIMA - American Health Information Management Association http://www.ahima.org/