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"Working on a laptop that's connected to the internet is like trying to write on a typewriter that's been welded to a circus."
Andrew O'Neill, Twitter

GTD (Getting Things Done)

“Much of the stress that people feel doesn't come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they've started.” ― David Allen


Pick an "incomplete": What most annoys, distracts, or interests you?

Write down a description of the successful outcome in one sentence. What is your definition of "done"?

Write down the next action to move toward the desired outcome.

Notice how you feel after the exercise compared to before it.

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” ― David Allen

5 Stages

Capture Everything!





"Knowing exactly what you need to get done, and when, frees your mind to think, and be completely in the moment" ― David Allen (paraphrased)

“Your ability to generate power is directly proportional to your ability to relax.” ― David Allen

Further Information


43 Folders

Automate things

ifttt IF

ifttt DO


Other methods (techy?)


Shell Script

Doing Projects

{not project management}



Google Docs

free office suite in the cloud

realtime collaboration

works offline as well

Google Hangouts

Meetings are Toxic

organisations can make decisions in other ways...

people can collaborate in other ways...

Communications Tools

The Four (or is it Six?) Domains of Information and How to Handle Them

Inbox Zero

System for managing email

Instead of being managed by email

"Being able to handle high volumes of email is one of the most important 'soft' skills you can have, if you want a life outside of email"






Merlin Mann - Inbox Zero

Merlin Mann - Who Moved My Brain?


Mind Fitness

Learn something new. That is not like anything you already know.

Body Fitness

Don't be unfit

Application launchers

Windows: Launchy

MacOS: Alfred

Linux: Synapse


Buzzwords = Bullshit

innovation, innovate, stakeholder, blue-sky, overarching, underpinning, vanguard, co-production, engagement, activated, patient-led, integrated, disruptive, transformative, transformation, service-user, empowered, connected, futureNHS, "five-year-forward-view", harness, accelerated, technology, ecosystem, innovator, collective, collaborative, proactive, leveraging, test-bed, [a photo of fake doctor in white coat], [a photo of smiling nurse], [a B&W photo of random unattractive person], [an incomprehensible systems diagram], mHealth, eHealth, iHealth, wearables, data-driven, quantified, "the market", agile, channel shift, roadmap, digital-by-default, [a meaningless but clever sounding quote], [a quote from Jeremy Hunt], maturity, strategy, paper-free, paperless, synergies, "thought-leader", "prime-ministerial", big data, analytics, unleash, ministerial, anonymised, pseudonymised, statement, "benefits realisation", "at scale", deliverables, deliverable,


It's annoying

It causes thought disorder because it implies hierarchies that don't exist, and distorts the relative importance of information

PowerPoint has been associated with causing the Shuttle Columbia disaster


It's annoying

It uses Adobe Flash®

It causes thought disorder because it implies spatial relationships that may not exist


Prezi has been associated with looking a dick

Further information

Edward Tufte on the role of PowerPoint in the Shuttle Columbia disaster

Gmail filtering

How to make Social Media work for you